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Tesla is building a new employee gym on top of the Fremont Factory in Northern California.
According to filings seen by Teslarati, Tesla is planning to build a new gym for employees on top of the “North IT building” of the Fremont Factory, replacing a previous fitness center located inside the electric vehicle production facility.
Regarding production plants for cars, the Fremont Factory is a well-rounded experience for workers. There are plenty of food options, but there are also hospitable options that make life easier for Tesla employees. Things like showers for those who commute to work via bike are available, as well as in-house medical support and on-site training are all available for Tesla staff. The company also states that there are gyms at various locations.
Employees at the Fremont Factory also confirmed to Teslarati that the company had put the previous gym under maintenance but ultimately decided to build a new one. They stated there have been talks of building the gym on the roof, and now the filings show Tesla is moving forward with the plan.
Tesla’s applications for the fitness center show it will be on top of the factory and protected by a canopy for shade and to maintain the equipment. Tesla lists the cost of the project as $200,000.
Tesla has considered expanding the Fremont Factory to supplement more vehicle production and storage space. Additionally, the company has started building a new battery manufacturing equipment line on the second floor of the Fremont plant. There were talks several years ago of Tesla leaving the California plant in favor of Texas. While the company did move its headquarters to Austin at Gigafactory Texas, Fremont remains the only production facility that manufactures all four Tesla models.
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