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With the introduction of gym tests in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, there are multiple similarities to Sun and Moon’s Alola island trials.
In the most recent trailer for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, Gym Tests were announced as engaging challenges that must be accomplished before facing off against each gym leader. Given that the gym challenges are built on top of a grand, open-world adventure, it's safe to say Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will be an all-new experience that fans will never forget. Other recent Pokémon games, Sun and Moon, were set in the Alola region and shook up the existing Pokémon formula by excluding gyms entirely. Instead, the player engaged in each island's specific trials.
Every trial in Sun and Moon included a different task just before challenging the totem Pokémon, some of them more lighthearted and fun than others. A number of them involved hunting down burrowing rodents or gathering the right ingredients for a specialized dish, or even hunting for ghost-type Pokémon in a haunted supermarket. The introduction of gym tests opens the doors to many fun and inventive challenges for the player to embark on. The question is, which aspects of the island trials will carry over to the gym tests?
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Gym tests are objectives players must complete in order to face off against individual gym leaders in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. In the most recent trailer, one of the gym tests involved the player searching for Sunflora throughout Artazon, where the Grass Type gym leader Brassius awaits a battle. Each gym test will likely involve Pokémon that reflect the gym leader's type. For example, Ice type Pokémon will likely be involved in the gym test that pertains to Grusha, the Ice Type gym leader.
Each of the island trials in Pokémon Sun and Moon's Alola region includes a unique challenge the player has to complete before facing off against the Totem Pokémon to earn a Z-Crystal. The trial in Verdant Cavern involves finding burrowing Pokémon, Wela Volcano Park's trial had players deciphering a hilarious dance routine. That of Lush Jungle tasks the player to find different ingredients all across the jungle for the perfect meal. The haunted supermarket had the player take pictures of ghost-type Pokémon in the area. Each of these challenges has interesting components from which the gym tests can draw inspiration.
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The gym tests are rooted in the deep history and traditions of the Paldea region. With Koraidon and Miraidon at the player's disposal, there will be ample opportunity for exploration, and different biomes will impact each location in which the gym tests will take place. With plenty of charm already stuffed into the Paldea region's different Pokémon and characters, the gym tests will include both serious and light-hearted gym challenges for the player to complete.
With the release of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet less than three months away, fans are eagerly anticipating this all-new Pokémon adventure. Alongside a rich, open world to explore, players will face these exciting gym tests, drawing on the island trials of the past in Pokémon Sun and Moon. The open world and lore of the Paldea region will factor into these tests as well, making them both interesting and exciting for players to tackle.

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