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The fitness apps, equipment and clothing we’ve been loving lately to keep our bodies strong, healthy and toned.
“Cardio has never been my friend, so I’ve been big into weight-training lately. Aside from how sleek Tonal ($2,995) looks—it takes up next to no room— I’m a big fan of the different programs and coaches available to fit any fitness goal. If it’s good enough for Serena Williams it’s good for me.”
—Danielle Fontana Dooley, associate director, digital content
“When everything shut down two years ago, good old-fashioned roller skating saw a big resurgence and reminded me how much I loved it as a kid. Now, gliding around on my C7 Peachy Keen Quad Skates ($120) feels freeing and boosts my heart rate and serotonin levels— plus, they come in so many chic colors, I get the bonus of looking cute while breaking a sweat.”
—Tatiana Bido, aesthetic content manager
“I’m not usually a fan of tech-focused versions of items that have worked well as-is for ages, but SmartRope Pure ($60) is the trackable, accountable answer to doing something active—you can even have a friendly, recess-style jump-rope competition with friends who have the app.”
—Liz Ritter, executive editor
“I love my Peloton, but what might surprise you is that it’s all about the weight classes for me! Their weightlifting programs have transformed my body!”
—Amber Milt, senior multimedia editor
“My body has changed since having a baby, and though it took me some time to work up the strength and energy to exercise again, I missed my Sweat with Bec Booty Bands ($22). Each color offers a different resistance—I’m still most comfortable with beginner blue right now—and serious toning for my butt, legs and arms, even on the go.”
—Brittany Burhop Fallon, director of beauty
“Adding Bala Bangles ($50) to my workout routine was the easiest and most effective thing I’ve done in a long time! I was recently recovering from surgery and was limited to low-impact exercise, and adding these weights improved the quality of each workout. I was so impressed with the results, I started wearing them everywhere, even when I wasn’t working out!”
—Steffanie Attenberg, chief brand and content officer
“As a former dancer, Pure Barre is one of the only workouts my body responds to. The workout focuses on tiny, controlled movements to really tone each body part, and the exercises lend themselves to muscle shaking, which makes me feel like I’m truly strengthening my body.”
—Allie Hogan, staff writer
“Running is my favorite form of exercise, especially during warmer months, and I rely on the Nike Run Club app to track my progress. It updates me at every step: how many calories I’ve burned and how many miles I’ve hit; it also provides my mile splits. It truly has helped me improve my endurance, and I never leave for a jog without it.”
—Olivia Wohlner, editorial assistant
“For all loungewear lovers, I love the Alo brand for countless reasons, including their quality and brand principles. Their high-waisted design flatters all body types, the colors are complementary and the styles work well for everything from yoga to walking during Zoom meetings.”
—Sarah Eggenberger, senior editor-at-large
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