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A reader forwarded us an interesting news article about the reopening of Malaysia Airlines Platinum Lounge (former First Class) at Kuala Lumpur’s KLIA Satellite Terminal.

I previously wrote about the closed First Class facilities last month and at that point no staff at KLIA knew when the facility would reopen.
One of the issues for the closure of the Platinum Lounge was that Malaysia Airlines doesn’t operate its own First Class anymore and only offers the converted Business Suite product on flights to London.
I was sad to experience that all the Enrich Platinum / oneWorld Emerald ground services were suspended last month:
Don’t Fly Malaysia Airlines If You Expect Any oneWorld Emerald Benefits At The Airport

This seems to have changed as of this weekend.
As mentioned, it was really hard to say if we were ever to see true First Class services on the ground in Kuala Lumpur again but todays news our reader Derek forwarded to us come as a surprise.
The Malaysian Reserve reports that the Platinum Lounge including its sit-down restaurant is back in operation:
PREMIUM services are finally back at Malaysia Airlines’ Platinum Lounge at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) beginning July 1, 2022.
After a hiatus due to pandemic-related restrictions, the reopening of the airline’s flagship Platinum Lounge also marks the full restoration of its lounges at KLIA, including its Domestic, Regional and Satellite Golden Lounges.
The bespoke end-to-end premium services can be enjoyed by passengers and frequent flyers travelling via Business Suite, Enrich Platinum, Enrich CIMB World Elite, First Class on codeshare flights (Malaysia Airlines operated flights), oneworld First Class and oneworld Emerald. …
Satiate your cravings by indulging in a three-course meal or choose from a variety of food and beverage options through the lounge’s premium buffet-style offerings at the Platinum Gallery. …
“We hope guests, far and wide, will continue to enjoy the Malaysian Hospitality service that comes with flying with Malaysia Airlines; from the moment they seamlessly book their flights with us, upon their arrival at the airport, impeccable experiences at our lounges and a comfortable journey on board.”
The Platinum Lounge operates on a 24-hour basis at KLIA’s Satellite terminal. The Satellite Golden Lounge also operates 24 hours a day to provide convenience and access to its guests at any time. …
The First Class / Emerald section was closed off entirely which includes both the sit-down restaurant as well as the lovely quiet seating area itself.
Nobody knew when it would reopen. While the seating area might open up again at some point as the space is already there and doesn’t require much attention, the restaurant is probably something we won’t see again.
Malaysia Airlines long-haul services have been decimated which means fewer customers that are paying big bucks and to provide these goodies to regional flyers in Economy Class or cheap Business Class isn’t exactly cheap.
You can access Malaysia Airlines website here to see the current opening hours for the airport lounges:
The Golden Lounge Business Class section is very spacious and I like the design as well as the F&B selection there. It’s not horrible having to spend time here, quite the opposite.
It is however a lot quieter over on the First Class side and I’m glad that they reopened that section again against all odds and even kept the sit-down restaurant. It’ll probably be another month or so until I can try it again but at least things look a little brighter now than just a few weeks ago.
According to an article in the local press, Malaysia Airlines has reopened their oneWorld Emerald / Enrich Platinum Lounge at the Satellite Terminal as well as the check-in facilities as of July 1, 2022.
Remember that currently it’s quite a trek over to the satellite terminal if you’re flying from the regional main terminal as the train is only operating at half the frequency if at all. There are even signs that bus service is being used to connect the terminals due to train maintenance (age). I’d probably just use the Regional Golden Lounge for a flight that leaves from the regional main terminal.
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