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The knees are a common complaint for men and women over the age of 50. The knees can hurt for many reasons such as bursitis, arthritis, meniscus and ligament tears, and patella tendonitis.
Sometimes it is nothing structural that is causing the pain. In some cases, it’s not the knee itself that needs to be addressed, but rather we have to look at the health of the ankle and/or the hip/buttocks.

If the ankle is weak and the calf is tight, it can cause your knee to track to the inside or buckle when walking, running, standing up from a chair, and climbing steps.
In addition to the ankle, the hip/buttocks area also play a role in overall knee stability and health. If the hip is tight and buttock is weak, the knee will lack the proper stability and will either track to the inside or outside, as opposed to straight ahead when performing daily activities of life. When the knee doesn’t track properly, you’re more prone to meniscus or ligament damage.
Your knee pain could also be caused by a lack of strength of the surrounding muscles such as your quads, hamstrings, and inner/outer thigh muscles, as well as tight muscles around the knee, or it could simply result from poor form when doing popular gym exercises such as squatting, lunging or stepping.
At Silver Stars Fitness, we focus on building stability around the knee BEFORE we ask our clients to squat or lunge. This helps build a foundation and prepares you for better form when doing weight – bearing lower body exercises and makes you less prone to injury and pain.
So, the take home message to ensure proper knee health is to not only look at the knee, but to make sure the surrounding muscles such as your ankles and hip/buttock are strong and flexible and to check your form when doing your exercises.

At Silver Stars we offer the following programs to meet your needs:
Fit For Life Boomer Boot Camp: This very popular small (3-6ppl) group training class is for all levels and focuses on cardiovascular drills, core & overall strength, balance and flexibility all within a high energy and fun 45-minute session.
Fit For Life Balance & Fall Prevention: This small group class focuses balance exercises, mobility /cardio drills core and lower body strength, flexibility, proper posture and gait mechanics. Strategies on how to navigate the floor, how to fall and prevent a fall are also included.
Fit For Life In-home personal training and massage is available for those that like the convenience of training at home or can’t get to our studio. Nutrition Coaching is also offered by our experienced nutrition coach/personal chef and dietician.
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