Mirror smart interactive home gym makes it easy to exercise in your living space – Gadget Flow

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Get an effective workout at any fitness level with the Mirror smart interactive home gym. It boasts an extensive library with over 10,000 classes on demand, new live classes daily, and 50+ genres. What’s more, they’re taught by some of the world’s best instructors. These trainers give you live feedback and can even teach you 1-to-1. Then, you also receive a plethora of accessories like weights, a mat, a yoga block, and more, taking your classes to the next level. Meanwhile, you can push yourself further with the real-time heart rate data and custom playlists. Additionally, this mirror also provides rep counting and weight recommendations. And if an exercise is too hard or easy, you can modify it to suit your level and body. Finally, this workout mirror looks great in your home with a shape and style that saves space and blends into your decor.


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