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Jun. 21 2022, Published 9:22 a.m. ET
TikToker @adrianaafariass_ is currently on the receiving end of some heat on the platform after posting a video of her taking off her shirt at the gym and calling out a trainer looking at her and acting like a “pervert.”
In the now-viral clip, Adriana is seen at the gym removing her shirt as two men in the background look in her direction.
After she notices them looking her way, she asks him multiple times, “Do you need something!” The man asks back, “Do I need something?” She repeats again, “Do you need something?” The man replies, “No?”
Adriana then says, “OK, I thought so.”
The man doesn’t move and says, “Excuse me, what do you mean you thought so? Are you OK? I-?
She then says, “Keep it pushin’” and the man continues. “Nobody was looking at you any type of way.”
At the beginning of the clip, there’s a text overlay that reads, “Trainer gets caught on camera being a pervert & when I stand up for myself he threatens to call the police and revoke my membership.”
She must burn a lot of calories from jumping to conclusions 😅 (source vid is by @adrianaafariass)
A lot of people, however, expressed that they thought Adriana instigated the altercation and neither the trainer or the person he was working out with did anything wrong.
TikToker and former YouTuber Ray William Johnson, who posts under the username @realraywilliam, says that the entire altercation “was handled so poorly.”
He responded to the video in a caption of his own that read: “She must burn a lot of calories from jumping to conclusions.” Ray then says, “OK I understand that women have a lot to put up with a lot in situations like these, but the video doesn’t show anything more than a glance and then we get right into ‘Do you need something?!’”
He continues, “To then blasting their face on the internet and calling them a pervert. It’s also worth pointing out that she slowed the footage down so this look is actually in slow motion making it seem longer and she added the caption, ‘Oh daaamn’ when clearly his mouth is moving way too much for him to have said, ‘oh damn.’ Dude was in mid-sentence when he turned around.”
“Now I don’t know if these dudes were checking her out or not but as someone who makes videos when you set up a camera and record yourself in public, people stare. Doesn’t mean they want to f**k me. Or maybe they do want to f**k me I don’t know.”
TikTokers who responded to Ray’s video thought that Adriana had either over-reacted, that she was looking for “clout,” or that she was being intentionally confrontational just to stir up drama on social media.
“Bro she was SO happy she caught it on camera trying to act so big over a glance, my poor guy”
“You definitely know she definitely did that on purpose just to get a video”
“She gives me amber heard vibes”
“he looked for like two seconds”
“She was staring at him before he was even looking at her.”
“The dude on the bench clearly looks her direction, the dude standing looks like he’s turning to look and see what the bench guy’s looking at.”
“Too many ppl want attention and clearly she wasn’t getting enough so she caused a scene”
Others pointed out that Adriana set her TikTok account to private. Another account under Adriana’s name popped up on TikTok, including a piece of the original clip.
The caption reads: “good thing daddy set the bar real high and raised me to never take any disrespect… also, Idc if my physique is no better than a middle school girl, deal with it”
“Don’t give her any attention All she wants is cloud That’s gonna make her popular so don’t give her attention but all she wants attention to feel Good,” someone wrote on the re-upload.
“Why do people set up cameras of their workout for everyone in the world to see but someone takes a glance at the gym and they freak out”
Who do you think was in the right? Did Adriana overreact? Or did she indeed catch people perving out at the gym?
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