The Roaring Twenties and the Global Fitness Boom – Morning Chalk Up

It is the question on everyone’s minds, is the pandemic actually over?
In the United States, only remnants remain as masks are no longer a legal requirement in most jurisdictions and have defaulted to personal choice. Social distancing is out the window as large scale events are back in full force, and required testing or vaccine passports did not stick.
News articles detailing cases are rarely breaking headlines anymore as the world moves onto other things, the war in Ukraine and rising inflation costs once again squeezing the regular consumer.
If this truly is the end of the pandemic, sans China clinging to its “zero COVID” strategy, the most pressing question is, what’s next? Academics have pointed to the Roaring 20s, a period of time in the early 1900s after the First World War, and how consumers returned with a vengeance after the Spanish Flu, eager to get back out into the world and experience culture: the arts, sports and all forms of entertainment en masse with a renewed sense of purpose.
But what does post-pandemic life look like in 2022?
Peloton’s massive stock drop, in which the at-home workout craze, which exploded during the pandemic, may be the bellwether, or the canary in the coal mine, depending on who you talk to. People are once again voting with their dollars as air travel has skyrocketed and the hospitality industry is back from the dead.  
One industry that has weathered the pandemic, and come out stronger, albeit morphed and slightly warped, is the world of fitness technology. While people don’t want to work out virtually in their living rooms for the rest of their lives, they most definitely do want to track their data like never before, and have a heightened sense of both their own fitness and personal health, in part due to a rampaging virus that largely preyed on the eldery and out of shape.
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