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Episode 18 of The Mike O’Hearn Show was published on Generation Iron‘s YouTube channel on Oct. 7, 2022. It featured a return to the show’s early episodes, where O’Hearn chatted with Vlad Yudin. In this installment, they discussed what viewers have responded to most in the dozen-and-a-half episodes released thus far. Yudin summarized it best: “They like controversy and then technical advice; what it takes to be like [O’Hearn].”
While that’s all well and good, O’Hearn believes there are more important takeaways than the “basics of weight lifting,” which includes rep ranges, rest periods, and foods to incorporate into one’s diet.
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O’Hearn noted they also touch upon deeper material, such as “the hiccups; the dark days — the meat of it.” When Yudin inquired how he stays consistent through those dark days, O’Hearn didn’t mince words: “It keeps me sane.”
The advice that O’Hearn hopes listeners take away from the show is that consistency, even during off days, is the most important aspect of the lifestyle he wants people to embark on. He says that when he wakes up, he doesn’t question whether or not he should go to the gym — he just gets up and goes. O’Hearn has mentioned throughout the series that he trains first thing in the morning at 4 a.m.
Yudin inquired if O’Hearn ever dealt with depression and if he’s ever used any medicines or supplements to combat it. O’Hearn admits that he has had many down days but never took any medications for those issues out of concern that it could exacerbate the problem rather than solve it.*
*Disclaimer: This should not be taken as medical advice. Anyone considering any kind of medicine or supplement should consult their physician before adjusting their diet, training, or related endeavor.
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O’Hearn also reminisced about his early days in bodybuilding when he would train in the gym with other competitors working toward similar goals. He misses the friendly smack talk between him and his peers because of a mutual understanding of how much effort they were putting into their craft.
The conversation steered into the “tabloid fitness” influencers and their ongoing debate about natural bodybuilding versus bodybuilding with the use of steroids. Yudin suggested that those takes in the fitness industry are tied to products those influencers are trying to sell to their followers and viewers.
Be sure to watch the entire video to get O’Hearn’s entire take on steroids’ impact on one’s physique and how drugs without consistent work in the gym are unlikely to produce the desired results.
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