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by Dana George | Published on Oct. 7, 2022
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Sam's Club membership benefits range from health-related to travel discounts.
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If you’re a Sam’s Club member but only take advantage of low-price groceries, tires, and other consumer goods, you may not be aware of all you’re missing out on. Although the retailer’s website and brochures outline the many benefits associated with membership, it’s easy to forget some of what you have access to. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the lesser-known perks of being a Sam’s Club member.
Imagine anything that can move you from Point A to Point B. A Sam’s Club membership probably offers a discount of some kind. For example:
Whether you own an established business or you’re in the middle of starting a new enterprise, Sam’s Club offers sweet discounts on things like:

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Being a Sam’s Club member also gives you access to:
Aside from prescription savings, Sam’s Club members can:
Whether you own a home or rent, Sam’s Club can save you a bundle. Here are some of the perks offered:
Sam’s has long offered discount pricing on things like prints and enlargements, but did you know it also offers members the following?
Sam’s Club will help you book things like:
A good habit to get into is to check your Sam’s Club benefits before paying full price somewhere else. It’s all about keeping more money in your bank account.

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