Trevo says they're 'shocked and disappointed' after user's car goes missing –

Earlier today, we had covered an incident involving a Malaysian whose car had gone missing after renting it out on Trevo, the car-sharing platform by Socar Malaysia. Trevo has since released a statement and says that they’re shocked and disappointed over the incident.
You can click here for more details, but the gist of it is that Nor Azam Budin had placed his Toyota Alphard up onto the Trevo platform, and accepted a one-day booking for it. However, the customer who booked it did not return the car to neither Trevo nor Nor Azam, instead claiming that a friend of his had taken the car to Banting. Eventually, a police report was made where Nor Azam also found that Trevo verified the customer’s account even though his submitted image didn’t match the IC used.
We reached out to Trevo for further details, and according to Susan Teoh, General Manager of Trevo, the customer involved had made a number of bookings on Trevo before this and had returned them all too without any incident. However, following Nor Azam’s complaints, Trevo’s team are now working with him to provide assistance and updates when possible. Trevo are also working together with the police to resolve the matter and already have procedures in place to recover losses and protect the interests of the car owner.

“We are shocked and disappointed that this incident has occurred as the guest implicated has made a number of prior bookings on TREVO and returned all vehicles booked without any untoward incident or complaint.
After receiving a complaint from the host En Nor Azam Budin that his vehicle was not returned according to the scheduled timing and that he was unable to contact the guest to resolve the problem, TREVO’s customer service team has consistently made efforts to stay in contact with En Nor Azam via the TREVO messaging system as well as via telephone, to provide assistance and updates when available.
We are also working closely with the authorities and also conducting internal investigations in our efforts to locate and retrieve the missing vehicle and to resolve this case as soon as possible according to the laws of Malaysia. On the rare occasions when cases like this occur, we have procedures in place to recover costs, expenses and losses against the guest and to protect the interests of the car owner,” – Susan Teoh, General Manager of Trevo
Susan added that Trevo are constantly working on improving the security of their system to ensure that the identities of all users are verified according to their latest procedures. She also notes that members that were transferred over from their older system are now being manually screened by Trevo to ensure that all their details are registered accurately so that they can be more easily tracked if required. This is perhaps in response to claims made by Nor Azam that Trevo’s user verification system was lacking.
On top of that, Susan notes that Trevo will be offering GPS tracking devices to users who place their cars onto the platform for rent. This is to further protect the vehicles listed on Trevo.


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