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Ready to cancel your Planet Fitness membership? It definitely won’t be convenient.
Kris Hanke, Kris Hanke

Chances are, you probably have a Planet Fitness near your home. Planet Fitness is a chain of gyms, well-known for their cheap membership fees ($10 a month) and their flexible hours.
Let’s say you have a Planet Fitness membership, but you’re ready cancel — maybe you just don’t have the time or you’d rather workout somewhere else. How do you cancel your membership?
Membership cancellations can vary depending on the club you go to, so make sure to ask about cancellation policies before you join your local Planet Fitness. But according to their website, you can cancel your membership in person or send a letter to your club requesting to cancel.
Unfortunately, no — you can’t cancel your Planet Fitness membership online or via the app. You have either cancel your membership on person or over the mail. This is likely to make it harder for you to cancel your Planet Fitness membership. The more inconvenient it is to cancel your membership, the less likely you are to do it.
Gym memberships are notoriously difficult to cancel — not just Planet Fitness. If you want to workout without an inconvenient membership process, here are some workout programs you can do at home:

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