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Kettlebells are a versatile piece of kit. You only really need one to improve your core strength, posture and agility, all from the comfort of your own home. Here are the brands you need to know.
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Published: September 7, 2022 at 3:01 pm
If you want to take your strength and conditioning workouts to the next level without investing in pricey gym equipment, a kettlebell – or set of kettlebells – could be the solution. They’re affordable, versatile and a great alternative to dumbbells when it comes to working on strength and cardio.
So, what’s so great about kettlebells?
Well, the main thing to note is their off-set centre of gravity. Unlike dumbbells, which have a rod between two weights, kettlebells have a single, looped handle with ‘horns’, and the centre of gravity lies up to eight inches away in the ‘bell’. As a result, you’ll need to work harder to stay balanced, boosting your core strength and coordination.
At the same time, adding weights into your standard workout can have the added benefit of improving your posture and technique without you even thinking about it.

Here are some of the best kettlebells to consider if you want to take your squats, twists and swings to the next level. Product choices have been based on in-depth research, product knowledge and analysis of user reviews.
Mirafit is a popular brand for at-home workout gear. It specialises in equipment for strength training and conditioning, with a selection of kettlebells ranging from 4kg all the way up to 32kg in weight. Pick and choose the ones you want, or add more to your collection as you go.
Made from cast iron, these kettlebells are a high-quality alternative to the various plastic options on the market, and come with a textured finish for extra grip.
The kettlebells list their weight on the front and back but they’re all black and orange, unlike other branded kettlebells, which use a colour-coding system to distinguish the different sizes.
Rather than invest in a set of kettlebells, why not save space in your home and opt for JAXJOX’s digital version? Using its LCD screen, you can change its weight in 3kg increments between 5.5kg and 19kg, so you’ll effectively have six kettlebells in one.
JAXJOX also tracks your performance and has enough storage capacity to capture data for up to nine users. You can keep tabs on your reps, sets, times and weights used, and log it all in the JAXJOX app, which gives you a Fitness IQ score to track your progress.
You can even access live and on-demand workouts, and connect to other fitness tools like Apple Healthkit.
For more digital gym equipment, take a look at JAXJOX’s DumbbellConnect set.
Onnit uses gravity cast moulding to create its kettlebells, which gives them a smooth, even finish with claimed grippy handles. They’re chip-resistant to keep them looking and performing at their best, and finished with a coloured band, making it easy to remember your go-to weights and match pairs together.
You can buy these kettlebells individually and choose the sizes you need. They range from 6kg up to 32kg, so you can add to your collection as you build up your strength.
Bulldog Gear says these are the leading cost-effective kettlebells on the market thanks to them being reasonably priced without compromising on quality.
They’re certainly one of the most comprehensive ranges of kettlebells, spanning a huge number of weights from 4kg all the way up to 40kg.
Plus, you’ll get colour-coded handles and embossed weight labels, making it easy to distinguish between them. The brand says a grippy matte finish completes the package.
TRX has developed a reputation for high-quality training equipment, workout programmes and educational courses to help customers build up their fitness, so its extensive range of kettlebells are a sensible choice.
The kettlebells come in 11 different weights, from 4kg to 40kg, and you can mix and match them to create your ideal workout set.
Each kettlebell is made using a gravity mould casting process for an even texture and extra durability.
The colour differentiation between the kettlebells is more subtle than with other brands, turning from white to yellow and through to green. But it should be enough to set them apart when placed side by side.
By swapping curved ‘horns’ for straight handles and a raw metal outer for a rubber finish, Corength’s kettlebells offer a different design from others on the market. You can grip them with either one or both hands and they’ve been designed to not scratch your floors or tables thanks to the rubber base.
Sizes go from 4kg to 24kg, each with a different coloured band stretching across the middle of the bell.
Having already earned hundreds of positive reviews, these Pro Fitness kettlebells are another popular choice. They range from 8kg to 24kg in weight, so they’re not the most inclusive collection out there, but they do have a durable cast iron construction to survive knocks.
Choose these kettlebells for their minimalist, all-black design and wide handles for easy gripping.
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