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Whether you’re a frequent gym-goer or are looking to incorporate going more exercise in your weekly routine, one workout essential you need is a pair of quality shoes to get you through each session — and not all sneakers are supportive enough to do the job.
Who better to get recommendations from than people who are in the gym every day? To help you get your feet on the right track the next time you hit the gym, we asked fitness experts, including trainers and instructors who really know their stuff, to give us their top picks for the best gym shoes.
The best gym shoe is durable enough to hold up for your most intense fitness days, has the correct kind of support for your foot shape and has construction designed to enhance the type of workout you’re engaging in. Activities such as HIIT, cross-training, weightlifting, squats and running will yield better results — and reduce the possibility of you getting hurt — with the right shoe.
“I use different shoes for different training. I see shoes not only as a way to keep my feet protected and healthy, but also as a way to amplify my power and stability,” said Justice Williams, a Boston, Massachusetts-based lead trainer at Fitness4AllBodies.
The footwear options below are suitable for all types of fitness tasks, and a few experts say they wear them for running, too.
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