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Posted on September 3, 2022 at 3:33 am
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Polly Sidhu Says Age No Bar For Fitness
Polly Sidhu Says Age No Bar For Fitness

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Polly Sidhu, a businesswoman, and mother of two, is looking forward to participating in fitness competitions at age 57. She believes age is no bar when it comes to staying fit and living life to the fullest. In fact, working out and eating right can reverse your age, she says.
Sidhu has always been inclined to live a healthy lifestyle but seriously started her fitness journey in her 50s. She sought not only to maintain her work life but bring a balance to her mental and physical health and spiritual life.

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Originally born in Punjab, India, her friend introduced her to her husband at the tender age of 19. He was her friend’s cousin. Soon after, they got married and came to Canada. Initially, Sidhu lived in Mackenzie, BC, and later moved to Vancouver.
Sidhu brought the first Quiznos Sub to Delta in 1998 and then Fresh Slice Pizza a few years later. Quality and service have always been her focus when it came to her career. Despite her many successes, she felt something was missing in life. That’s when she decided to turn her life around by making fitness a key goal. She made exercise and meditation a regular part of her routine. Wanting to do more for herself, she joined the gym last year. She is also training for upcoming fitness competitions. We wanted to know more about her new journey and so we interviewed her. Here’s an excerpt:

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What made you focus on fitness and change your lifestyle?
I have always lived a healthy lifestyle but my career was the focus for a long time. I wanted to change that and focus on myself instead. I’ve been meditating and practicing yoga for many years but only started going to the gym last year at the age of 56. Staying fit helps one achieve their dreams faster because if your body feels healthy, you can do more and achieve more. That’s one of my core mantras in life.

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You have decided to participate in fitness competitions. How are you gearing up for this new challenge?
I normally wake up early and the very first thing I do are my yoga exercises. I also go to the gym for an hour and a half daily and eat healthy foods. I make sure that I am not only nourishing my body but also my mind. Meditation helps ground me while exercise and nutrition help me stay fit. If I can do it at this age, I believe so can others. Age is just a number and it is just in your mind. You are as young as you feel and I truly feel like I’m 25 years old and ready to compete!

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How has your fitness lifestyle changed you?
I don’t only feel good but look good too. I have lost weight since I began my journey and have never been more fit. By eating healthy, following certain meal plans, staying active, and going to the gym have helped me reverse my age. Fitness keeps you young and healthy. In many ways, one can reverse their age and the diseases that come with it and in turn, it gives me confidence.
What is your fitness goal?
My ideal life would be to improve myself daily by keeping myself physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. I want to inspire others with my fitness journey, especially women who often neglect their health for the sake of their families. If you don’t feel healthy yourself, then how can you take care of the other important people in your life?

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What’s your mantra in life?
Keep yourself healthy mentally, physically, and emotionally and create a good balance for yourself. Also, your mindset is very important, so be sure to stay positive and surround yourself with other positive people in your life.
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