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Get ready to sweat with Supernatural Coach Raneir Pollard, who will be leading this 30-minute advanced Tabata workout joined by class members Paris Nicole and Tarra Green. In this routine, you’ll start with a cardio Tabata, a type of HIIT workout in which you do 20 seconds of intense work followed by 10 seconds of rest. You may think that’ll be the hardest set of the day, but Raneir has some tricks up his sleeve(-less shirt). Next up is a deceptively simple-looking superhero roll that will have your abs on fire.
Although this workout is intense, Pollard will encourage you to listen to your body and offer up modifications if those feel better to your body. All you need is a mat and a towel to get started!
Pollard’s outfit: Outdoor Voices // Shoes: APL
Nicole’s outfit: Varley // Shoes: APL
Green’s outfit: Varley // Shoes: APL
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