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27 July 2022, 12:56
By Jazmin Duribe
Yes, people have actually taken the vabbing trend to the gym…
TikTok trends come and go but unfortunately it looks like vabbing is here to stay. Sorry.
In case you have no clue what vabbing is – and if so, lucky you – it's the latest TikTok trend that promises to attract potential partners.
The method is simple. "Vabbing" is just vagina dabbing. Basically, using vaginal juices as a perfume. It's long been claimed that scent is a big part of attraction, so people have been dabbing their vaginal fluid onto all the places they would usually put perfume – on their wrists, neck and behind their ears…
A lot of people have claimed that they have been man magnets since they've started vabbing, but the trend has evolved somewhat. Here's the latest development.
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We hate to be the bearer of bad news but vabbing at the gym is exactly what you think it is: people are vabbing before their gym workouts.
Because the gym is a great place to meet a potential boo and you're in close quarters with a lot of people, your seductive scent is supposedly extra potent at the gym. No doubt the sweat mixed with the vabbing juices will create some sort of magic man-attracting elixir?
TikToker @jewlieh, who now swears by vabbing since going viral for it, claimed that she vabbed right before she went to the gym and then a guy hit on her while she was working out. "I was doing lunges on the treadmill and this guys comes up next to me – no-one else was standing close to me – but he got on the treadmill right next to me," she explained.
"I'm sweating like crazy because I'm working out but then he turns to me and he asks me some stupid question, I can't even remember what it was, he was just shooting his shot. But anyways he asked me out, we exchanged numbers, and maybe I'll see him this week."
In the comments, Jewlieh provided an update which read: "UPDATE – he called me & we have plans for lunch on sunday."
Now, people have been sceptical about the vabbing trend because there's actually not any science behind it. But now people are being even more critical of the trend because it is kind of unhygienic to be touching gym equipment after having your hand shoved up there (assuming the person vabbing hasn't washed their hands).
"Saw a tiktok of someone vabbing at the gym. you're literally touching and sharing equipment with other people bro wtf and if you're doing gross things like that i bet u don't even clean the damn equipment when you're done. gross," someone tweeted.
Another person added: "Just saw a tic tok of a girl vaBBing at the gym…. more of a reason to wipe equipment before using."
And a third said: "Between covid, monkeypox and 'vabbing', it’s crazy to see people still not wiping down gym equipment after they use it. trogs."
If you're scared of unwittingly touching some vabbing fluid on the cross trainer, don't worry, there's actually vabbing rules now to ensure that people stay safe. The rules are: always shower before vabbing, if you go to the gym wipe down the equipment before and after you use it and don't let the area you vabbed touch others.
Happy Vabbing!
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