NBA Fans React To LeBron James's Workout In Gym: "King James Is Ready For His 5th Championship." – Fadeaway World

Credit: Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports
LeBron James will turn 38 years old by the end of 2022. At this age, most players are already retired from the NBA. And even if they aren't, they are on their last legs. But James is different.
He proved that last season when he put up amazing numbers during the regular season. Now, before the 2022-23 NBA season begins, James is seemingly working very hard to stay in top shape.
Just last week, he made an appearance in Drew League and put on a show. He received praise from everyone. Obviously, apart from Skip Bayless, who still found a way to call out LBJ.
LeBron was stunning in the Drew League game, and it never felt like fans were watching a 37-year-old player in action. The reason for James' unwavering dedication to maintaining his fitness is to win at least one more NBA Championship before retiring from the league.
On that note, another video of LeBron surfaced online where the King can be seen working hard in the gym.
He was seen trying all sorts of shots in the short clip. Upon seeing this video, NBA fans couldn't stop themselves from reacting to it and claiming that LeBron is getting ready to win the fifth NBA Championship of his career.
In the video, James looks in decent shape and surprisingly skinnier as well. Regardless, he looks ready and focused to win the fifth NBA Championship of his career.
While it's not confirmed that LBJ will win a ring next year, he will most likely surpass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the list of most points scored in NBA history next season.
As per some basic calculations, LeBron only needs to average 16.2 PPG next season to become the top scorer of all-time. But can he manage to stay healthy throughout the season? That's something that's up for debate.


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