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In the past, we have seen Serena Williams’ camaraderie with her bestie, Caroline Wozniacki, the former Danish player. Apart from that, she also shares a strong bond with her sister Venus. Along with such cordial relationships, the 23-time Grand Slam champion once portrayed her great bond with the legendary Serb, Novak Djokovic.
Previously, we saw Serena post some hilarious and heartwarming posts on social media about Djokovic, like their dance during the Wimbledon Champions’ Dinner in 2015. In 2012, Serena posted an unseen picture of her and the Serb. The post prompted a funny response from Djokovic on social media.
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In 2012, before the Australian Open, Serena took to Instagram and shared a picture where she was trying to teach Djokovic how to pose in front of a camera. In the caption, she wrote, Teaching @DjokerNole how to pose. He’s getting there.
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In response, Djokovic took to Twitter and wrote, I still need some GYM workout.
"@serenawilliams: Teaching @DjokerNole how to pose. He's getting there. 🙂 http://t.co/I4BBI4E5" I still need some GYM workout ;-))
— Novak Djokovic (@DjokerNole) January 11, 2012

Notably, Serena also posted a few pictures in 2015 after winning the Wimbledon Championships. During that tournament, both of them won the Wimbledon title in their respective categories. After that, they brought back an old dance tradition at the champions’ dinner and Serena posted about it on her Instagram.
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It seems like Serena is determined to win the US Open, as she recently entered two back-to-back competitions, the Rogers Cup and the Cincinnati Open, respectively. Recently, she came back to competitive action at Wimbledon after a long injury layoff but was unable to go beyond the first round. It was pretty clear that she was lacking match fitness, as she has not played for a long time on the tour. Now, she is aiming to play as many tournaments as possible before the US Open.
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Meanwhile, things have become quite controversial for Djokovic, as he is unable to enter the USA to play at the US Open. Earlier, he decided to not take the COVID vaccine, which already cost him the Australian Open. Now, it seems like he will miss the US Open as well, as the US government is not letting unvaccinated people enter the country. Earlier this month, he won the Wimbledon Championships and looked all set to challenge for the US Open as well.
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