Zach Wilson’s mom hits the gym and slams claim she’s cashing in on son’s notoriety after ‘hook-up with her… – The US Sun

ZACH Wilson's mom looked drastically different from her glam online persona as she hit the gym – after slamming claims she's cashing in on her son's notoriety.
The New York Jets quarterback, 22, has been accused of hooking up with his mom Lisa's best friend, claims he is yet to publicly comment on, and the spotlight has been on his family for the past week.
The Sun obtained exclusive pictures of Lisa, 49, as she headed to and from a workout near her home in Utah before grabbing takeout food with her husband Mike.
She can be seen without her usual full face of makeup used for her social media, wearing athleisurewear – opting for a gray sleeveless top tied at the back and black yoga pants.
The lifestyle influencer matched her outfit with a pair of black sneakers and carried a leather backpack over her shoulder and a white water bottle.
She had her blonde hair down in waves and later met her husband as they headed to a fast-food breakfast cafe – popular for hot cakes, corned beef hash and nachos.
The busy mom filmed herself in the same outfit on social media having applied makeup, and wore oversized black shades as she checked in with her fans.
Lisa, who runs a lifestyle coaching Instagram account, has been accused of cashing in after she gained thousands of new followers after news broke of her son's alleged fling.
Amid dozens of promotions on her Instagram Story, she shared a screenshot of a troll telling her: "Just an idea, maybe act age appropriate and stop trying to monetize your sons fame and people will stop worrying about your stupid BS."
He went on: "I mean its really sad that you choose to embarrass your family by acting this way. No wonder Zach is a bust already."
Lisa quickly fired back on the platform, responding to 'Keith Young', telling him: "Keith.. . I had a platform where I helped people live there best life Long before my son played in the NFL. But thank you for your input sir. [sic]"
She signed off by saying: "Maybe stick around and I just may help you find some happiness."
Lisa, who has her own company, Elite 4 Apparel, is already selling merchandise for her 'Bad Moms Club', including slogan t-shirts, and appears to work with a number of companies offering discount codes for products.
According to her website, she is also set to launch a YouTube channel, podcast and retreats for moms, and could be set to make thousands of dollars.
Zach's ex Abbey Gile made the shocking claim about his love life after her alleged new boyfriend and Washington Commanders' star, Dax Milne, shared a snap of the loved-up pair.
The post on Instagram was captioned: "Word on the street."
One social media user allegedly labeled Gile a "homie hopper," prompting her to hit back, reported.
She then reportedly claimed: "He [Wilson] was sleeping with his mom's best friend… that's the real homie hopper."
The Sun has approached Lisa and her family for comment regarding the accusation.
The term "homie hopper" is a reference to someone who quickly dates their ex's friend following a break-up.
Abbey and Zach split in January 2022 after being together since they were teenagers.
Zach is yet to fully address the claim, but poked fun at the gossip on his own Instagram this week, sharing a slideshow of photographs of him training in Idaho.
He caption the pic: "Took the boys to @gozzerranchclub in Idaho before camp! Poor cell service…what I miss?"
Curious followers of Zach's mom have been speculating for days which cougar he may have hooked up with.
His mom, who goes by the Instagram handle @lifeaccording2lisa, previously shared the post of a large group of women to show off her "Tribe."
"I didn't always dig this whole 'girl power thing. But I sure do now!" Lisa wrote in the caption.
"My Tribe is such an enormous part of my life."
"Which one did Zach hook up with?" someone inquired on the post, as others piled in amid the gossip in the comments section.
Lisa also previously joked: "Look how sexy my friends are," while teaching a spinning class, before laughing at her joke.
A family source laughed off the scandal when approached by The Sun, saying: "That's just crazy, it's just a bunch of BS.
"We're doing good, it's just gossip and actually kinda funny. But hey, it is what it is."
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