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It’s always important for players to work during the offseason. The summer is the time for players to continue to improve their game and grow.
The Philadelphia 76ers have significant pressure placed upon them heading into the 2022-23 season. They made moves in the offseason to improve their roster depth and continue to build around Joel Embiid and James Harden.
At the moment, it looks like third-year big man Paul Reed will be the backup to Embiid as he was in the playoffs. However, the young big man needs to improve, and he got in the gym with veteran Tobias Harris to help that effort.
Tobias Harris and Paul Reed are getting some work in the gym together #Sixers
— Ky Carlin (@Ky_Carlin) July 13, 2022

Reed had a bit of a breakout toward the end of his second season. He finally earned the trust of coach Doc Rivers and made some headway toward a long and prosperous NBA career. Being able to work out with a proven veteran such as Harris will help him in that respect as well.
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