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Floyd Mayweather has extended his brand as ‘The Greatest Ever’ and has opened his own line of fitness gyms across the United States for people to train at.
For anyone interested in seeing what the ‘gold standard’ of boxing fitness looks like, here’s how to find a Mayweather gym near you.
When opening up the webpage, one is immediately prompted to find a location within your vicinity. By entering a city, town, or zip code, one can easily find where the closest Mayweather gyms are and either visit that specific gym’s website, or get directions to the gym itself.
Each location offers a phone number and an email in case there are any questions prior to making a visit. The website also offers a satellite map for anyone who needs a visual of where the nearest gyms are to them.
Once a gym is found, all that’s left to do is get a workout in. The Mayweather Gym website states these high energy, group fitness classes will help individuals build confidence, strength, and endurance by utilizing station exercises for a period of 45 minutes. The classes utilize different styles of workouts focusing on speed, power, and HIIT to help burn calories.
Anyone interested in trying out a class gets their first one free.
Mayweather added this video to his Instagram:
Instagram Post
Back and forth bickering with the Paul brothers has driven Floyd Mayweather to state that he makes a whopping $300 million a month. This followed the claims that Jake Paul made claiming Mayweather is broke, which is why he believes Logan Paul never got paid the full purse for their match back in June 2021.
Jake Paul made these statements on Rob Moore’s podcast:
Mayweather’s comments about his monthly income came during his Hall of Fame Induction speech:
See Jake Paul’s statement here:
Instagram Post
Watch Floyd Mayweather reveal how much he makes a month during his Hall of Fame induction:


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