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By Isaac Serna-Diez — Written on Jun 19, 2022
Everyone knows that Kardashian money can give you access to a breadth of specialists from cooks to doctors, but more recently, people have been eyeing their personal trainers.
During one scene of the new Kardashian’s Hulu show, fans watched Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney in the gym, working on their fitness — how else could Kim have lost those 16 pounds in three weeks before the Met.
The sisters are known for their intense workout but, according to one professional, that intensity doesn’t necessarily denote a high level of skill.
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To the untrained eye, this scene might have looked totally normal and fine, but to one fitness trainer who reacted to the clip on TikTok, they couldn’t have been more wrong.
Fitness coach Sophia Nicole posted her tips on how the Kardashians could work out better on TikTok.
“I’m sorry WHAT,” Nicole captioned her original video, with the text in the video saying “POV: watching The Kardashians workout as a personal trainer.”
In a comment she adds that she is “in shock” after watching.
Nicole makes faces as the scenes go by, seemingly concerned by their form and technique as the family are followed around by someone who is supposed to be training them.
“Wait can someone explain what’s wrong? Cos I don’t know,” commented one user, prompting Nicole to make an entirely separate video about what the Kardashians are doing wrong, and what they could be doing right.
She starts the clip off by saying “there’s an obvious lack of muscle control,” as Khloe attempts what could either be a standing lateral pulldown or a tricep pulldown where, instead of using the targeted muscle group, she uses her whole body — including her legs.
Kim can also be seen in the back doing some tricep dips with a bench, but only performing half-reps and not getting a full range of motion.
In the next scene, during Kim’s reverse grip lateral pulldown, it seems like she’s going a little too quickly and putting more strain than she needs to on her shoulders.
“Kim should really slow down the reps and lower her shoulders,” Nicole says.
Maybe the weight is too low and that’s why she feels like she can breeze through her reps, but if that’s the case, she should probably increase it.
“I would love less swing in Khloe’s bicep curl,” she continues. 
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If she’s swinging, that means she’s using everything but her bicep to get that dumbbell up — maybe the weight is too heavy, and she should never sacrifice form for weight.
Next, Khloe seems to be doing some incline pushups on one of the benches, but even a simple pushup is not as easy as you might think.
“Just slow down the reps and try to get a full range of motion,” Nicole says, commenting on the half reps that she’s doing.
Realizing that maybe some people would take it the wrong way, she took some time out at the end of the video to reassure everyone that she is not trying to bash them.
“I know these women do a million things a day but I really think with all of the resources there has to be a trainer that can tell them to just slow down,” she says, “work their bodies in an effective, safe, real transformative way, and so they don’t have to do that on live television.”
Kardashian fans, of course, will take offense anyway and attacked Nicole for the video, but some people actually thanked her for providing clarity on the issues and even asked her for more advice.
But many people actually defended the Kardashians or tried to explain their opinion that the Kardashians were probably just doing it for the TV show — a quick clip to show that they work out.
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Isaac Serna-Diez is an Assistant Editor who focuses on entertainment and news, social justice, and politics. Since graduating from Rutgers University, he spends most of his free time gaming or playing a fictional sport. Keep up with his rants about current events on his Twitter.
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