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For fitness or fun, a Blawnox group is inviting residents to join them on Mondays for a jaunt around the borough.
Knox Walks, hosted by the Best of Blawnox advocacy group, is a weekly trek through the business district and side streets of town.
“It’s to exercise or socialize,” organizer Diane Casile said. “Either way, it’s a way to stay accountable” to an exercise regimen.
On any given Monday evening, anywhere from a handful of people to several small groups gather for the walks.
People start stretching in the park shortly before 6 p.m., weather permitting, before they stroll.
All fitness levels are welcome.
“Joining Knox Walks has been a fun way to get to know my neighbors and learn about events and places to visit,” said resident Norma Brazen, who moved to town last year from Texas.
“As a newcomer, this initiative not only helped me become more active personally, but also encouraged me to get involved in my community.”
Casile agreed that fostering friendships was part of the motive for kicking off the walking group.
“It is a great way to meet and get to know people while getting in your exercise,” Casile said.
“Some people set a pretty good pace, and others enjoy the socialization.”
Founded in 2021, the Best of Blawnox is a volunteer group that aims to showcase the great people and activities in the borough, organizers said.
Members have initiated several new programs, such as shoveling snow for the elderly, adopting a street and keeping it litter-free, growing a community garden and, now, the walking group.
Walker Julie Dellert said the established exercise time is great motivation to keep exercising rather than try to go at it alone. Plus, she enjoys learning more about the town’s hottest eateries and shops.
“I always drive past all these stores and restaurants, but, here with the walking group, I can actually walk by them and see what they’re all about,” she said.
Resident Hodda El-Iskandarani said the fitness club is one of the greatest programs that Blawnox offers.
”I truly enjoy it as a social event,” El-Iskandarani said.
Anyone interested can meet at the park or join in along the route. Typically, the group walks a 1.5-mile lap, ending back at the park along Center Avenue. A second lap is offered for those with extra energy.
Tawnya Panizzi is a Tribune-Review staff writer. You can contact Tawnya at 724-226-7726, or via Twitter .
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TribLIVE’s Daily and Weekly email newsletters deliver the news you want and information you need, right to your inbox.
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