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If you’d like some solid tips on how to live a fit, active, meaningful life in your 40s, David Beckham is a pretty amazing source of inspo. The English former professional football star has won six Premier League titles, two FA cups, four Community Shields, and more during his successful career. Although he retired from the sport back in 2013, he’s kept very active—and beyond fit.
In addition to working with many favorite brands including Adidas, L’Oreal, Diageo, H&M, and more, David Beckham launched 7: The David Beckham UNICEF Fund in 2015, advocating for the rights and protection of children. He’s also a co-owner of the professional soccer club Inter Miami.
In his spare time since playing professionally nearly 10 years ago? Beckham maintains a workout plan that keeps him fit and ultra-toned at 47 years old. Get excited, because you can work out just like David Beckham. The celeb launched a workout called DB45, and it’s pretty incredible.
Read on to learn more about Beckham’s healthy habits and workout regimen. And next, check out The 6 Best Exercises for Strong and Toned Arms in 2022, Trainer Says.
It’s crystal clear from David Beckham’s Instagram page that he’s totally in shape. The soccer icon shares workout clips and pics with his 73.5M followers, and he’s incredibly motivating. In one video, Beckham can be seen doing a pretty intense floor routine with a Sorinex glider. He captioned the video, “Just a gentle workout to start the day.” He also posted a picture doing pull-ups—showing just how ripped his back and arms are—with the caption, “Back at it.”
Most recently, Beckham can be seen in a video performing an F45 workout. The video generated over 8.6M views and shows Beckham performing elevated split squats, box jumps, running in place, and more. He pairs a caption with the video, writing, “Got to create my own workout with @gunnarfitness for @f45_training, can’t wait for you all to try it (raised hands emoji).”
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David Beckham and wife Victoria Beckham are hardcore couple goals in and out of the gym. Victoria Beckham recently told GRAZIA that she performs weight lifting on a weekly basis with David Beckham and their trainer. The couple also took to the ‘gram to share a fun workout challenge video where they’re tapping light-up buttons, all while holding their planks.
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The former football star got together with F45 and celeb trainer Gunnar Peterson to create an amazing fitness routine called DB45. The regimen includes all of the training Beckham performs himself to stay buff, and it’s already making so many waves! DB45 can be experienced in almost 67 countries and 1,800 studios—but the greatest aspect of this regimen? It’s a way for athletic enthusiasts to train just like David Beckham.
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“It’s obviously tailored to what I used to do in my career, some of the exercises,” Beckham explains to The Associated Press, adding, “We never tailor anything to any specific sport or athlete because our community is not about athletes. Yes, there’s some people that are ex-athletes that come into F45, but this is not a workout designed only for elite athletes.”
According to AP, the quick-paced cardio routine is made up of 11 stations, each one being football-themed. For example, there are “midfield” stations that work on agility, in addition to “defenders” stations that target functional resistance training. Exercises are performed in sets of two at every station for 32 and 23 seconds consecutively. The numbers were chosen for a good reason, as they’re the numbers on Beckham’s jerseys.
“These are a lot of the exercises that I enjoyed and also some of the exercises that I didn’t enjoy,” Beckham tells AP. “There’s lunges in there. I used to hate lunges. We’ve got lunges in here. So this isn’t a workout of things that I loved throughout my career. It’s the things I actually had to do.”

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