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No gym membership required. Not Just Bikes extolls the virtues of “the gym of life” and how it works through the vantage point of Dutch living. A big reason that the gym of life works so well in The Netherlands is how communities are designed and the policies that support them that make active transportation just a normal feature of life.
Stephen is a professional urban planner in Puget Sound with a passion for sustainable, livable, and diverse cities. He is especially interested in how policies, regulations, and programs can promote positive outcomes for communities. With stints in great cities like Bellingham and Cork, Stephen currently lives in Seattle. He primarily covers land use and transportation issues and has been with The Urbanist since 2014.
On Tuesday June 14th, we’ll be joined by Toshiko Grace Hasegawa, a Seattle Port commissioner and rising star in local politics. Register for the Zoom link.
Claudia Balducci, King Council Council Chair and chair of the Sound Transit System Expansion Committee, was our May Meetup guest. Watch the video.
Our April Meetup guest was Marc Dones, CEO of the King County Regional Homelessness Authority. We did a deep dive on the housing and homelessness crisis. Watch the video.
On March 8th, we hosted Anna Zivarts, director of the Disability Mobility Initiative. We talked about how to make our transportation network work for everyone, disabled and abled-bodied, driver and nondriver. Watch the video.
In February, we were joined by Seattle Chamber CEO Rachel Smith and discussed pandemic business aid, the state transportation bill, the housing crisis, and JumpStart Seattle. Watch the video.


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