People slow to sign-up for the gym this January – KCRG

MARION, Iowa (KCRG) – Historically, January Is the month where the most people sign-up for a membership, but one local business owner said that wasn’t the case this year.
Travis Salter, the owner of 6 Anytime Fitness locations, said COVID-19 has slightly slowed the number of people getting memberships.
“We wanted to project more people coming, but it didn’t happen,” he said. “I think it’s the supply chain; we couldn’t get some of the equipment we needed. Also, COVID-19; people are still gym phobia about being around people.”
Salter has stocked up on sanitation wipes, masks and offering discounts to members for extra cleaning. He said staying fit is important at any time, but a pandemic shows how crucial health is.
“The message has to reach those who have weakened immune systems, for whatever reason, are being encouraged by their primary care physicians to get up, get moving,” he said.
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